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Drill rig start shipment ceremony to Kenya

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  The start shipment ceremony of drill rig exported to Kenya was held in Hekou Economic Zone, Shandong at 9:00 AM on August 30th.
  The present of this ceremony: Yi Gao-Deputy Mayor of Dongying, Jianjun Nie-Secretary of District committee, Director of the standing committee of NPC, and Secretary of District Party committee, Guozhong Song-Secretary of Business Bureau of Dongying, Zengjie Gou-Deputy Secretary of District committee, District Mayor, and Director of District Management Committee, and Xiaofeng Wang-Chairman of Haixin. Among these honorable person Mr.Gou made an opening speech, and Mr.Wang made an introduction.
  District Mayor Gou said that this grand ceremony held by Dongying Haixin Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd is an great event of the development of Haixin. It is also a real festival for the development of Hekou Economic development Zone. In addition, it shows Hekou to be the first to rise in the High Efficiency Ecological Economic Zone of Yellow River Delta and Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic joint.




Mayor Gao and Secretary Nie pressed the start-up device for equipment at 9:30AM. Large trucks carrying drill rig were slowly driven out of the factory.
  These drill rigs of this order which is the biggest single export order of all enterprises in Dongying value 49.47 million dollars. The 2000HP rig exported to Kenya is high-tech products independently developed by our company, and many gaps at home and abroad are filled by some of technologies used by our company.

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